Support Us

Support Us

Creating and running The Love Project means spending huge amounts of time and energy, as well as money.

Film content needs to be produced, interviews conducted, a complex website need to be programmed, graphics designed, informational and promotional material produced, networks created, research be conducted, technical equipment purchased and maintained, the website needs to be updated, enquiries need to be responded to, translations of website and film content made, people and processes coordinated, places need to be travelled to, etc.

So far, all of this is a labour of love of an increasing network of co-creators. We believe in the importance of this project and that is why we are here.

If you like our project and think it is relevant, then please consider not only collaborating and giving your time and energy, but maybe also to support us in one or some of the following ways:

Maybe you can donate some money to the project that will help us cover our expenses. You can donate any amount you like here:

All donations will be directly used to fund The Love Project.

Or maybe you have documentary film production equipment you don´t need any more and can gift to our project. We can always make use of additional video cameras, microphones, lenses, plus other gear for film shooting.

Also, maybe you are involved in a NGO, activist group, or film funding institution and have some ideas how we could raise some more funds for the project.

In addition, in the future we intend to allow limited advertising on our website to help raise funds. This will be limited to groups and companies that follow strict ethical, sustainable and not mainly profit oriented standards.

If you think you can help in any of these ways, please do contact us.

You can also help us immensely if you spread the word about our project. You can do this by sharing this website and/or our facebook page via social media. In addition, you can download our flyers here which we are currently translating into several languages. Thses can be shared via social media and/or printed and handed out at festivals, gatherings, meetings, etc. They are a great way to start chatting and connecting with people!